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Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
thing. moving on to seagate technology, what do you see there? > > yeah, stx, stx has been a little bit under-performing the other hard drive spaces. we see wdc on fire, we see sandisk at 52-week highs, so those have been performing very well. stx, very similar concept: we saw aggressive call buying in it stx. they were buying april 34s, and they were buying april 39s. now they are buying weeklies for next week's 36 calls. i think we are going to get end-of-the-quarter markup. this friday is end-of-the- quarter mark-up - it is the last day of the quarter. i think a lot of these stocks are going to run up into this. i think stx is a perfect example. on friday, it bounced off that 50-day moving average at $34.16. i like what they're doing globally. they are based out of dublin, but they have good exposure to the global growth story. we've seen mixed earnings in technology. mu went higher, oracle went lower; but i like what stx is doing, and with aggressive call-buyers, i bought some calls, i can define my risk vs. reward. i think the stock heads higher this week. > interesting. thank you
Mar 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
screen and technology that allows your eyes to move the screen. but, in the face of a downgrade and the new competition, apple shares rallied $1 friday. it's a busy week for ipos. kicking off the list, nursing facility aviv reit, a company that provides conference calls; west corporation; and on-demand digital ad management firm marin software. some biotechs are also set to launch ipos: enanta pharmaceuticals, tetraphase pharmaceuticals and lifesciences company model "n." it's a no-go for john paulson's move to puerto rico. rumors of a move popped up when paulson, a billionaire hedge fund manager, was reportedly looking at real estate opportunities on the island. a new law would eliminate taxes on gains from the $9.5 billion he has invested in his own hedge funds. his fund released a statement last friday that indicates he has no plans to permanently relocate. survey says... mark zuckerberg is a top ceo. zuckerberg topped's list of top ceos of 2013. ceos from sap, mckinsey & company, ernst & young and northwestern mutual rounded out the top five. meanwhile, tim coo
Mar 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
news, the decision is based on next generation technology in airbus aircrafts. yesterday, lion air signed a $24-billion deal with airbus rather than boeing. boeing continues to test its troubled dreamliner batteries with hopes of getting its 787s back in the air. the stock continues to trade shy of a 5- year high. despite still working its way through bankruptcy, american airlines plans to give its departing ceo a $20-million pay-out. a trustee assigned to the bankruptcy has asked the airline to justify the amount. ceo tom horton is leaving as a result of american's merger with u.s. airways group. that merger is expected to be finalized in the third quarter. it's a dark day for solar panel company suntech. one of the largest makers of solar panels in the world defaulted on a $541-million bond payment. the industry continues to hurt under a glut of solar panels. suntech's stock now trades around 64 cents. the mayor of new york is taking on cigarettes as a follow up to his anti-sugar campaign. tomorrow, mayor bloomberg will propose two bills to the city council requiring retailers to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3